Kod produktu: MB-2.DR1X.B.LC / ID: 204067

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All-tube three-channel amplifier head for electric guitar from Rectifier series that was originally released more than 20 years ago and remains firmly planted at the centre of hard-core as a rock icon, once again re-worked, re-tuned and refined. It features four Mesa 6L6 power tubes, the patented Multi-Watt 50/100 (watt) Channel Selectable Power, an Improved Effects Loop, Channel Assignable Rectification with Rectifier Tracking, a dedicated Tuner Out with Mute and an improved Footswitch. The amplifier features three channels: Clean with improved CLEAN and PUSHED modes; and two channels with improved selectable voicing – RAW with more soulful earthiness, VINTAGE HIGH GAIN with thicker layers of harmonics and more liquid gain; and MODERN HIGH GAIN with tighter gut-punching attack. The SOLO knob provides a footswitchable variable Volume Boost for lead work, activated anytime via the SOLO button on the footswitch. Dimensions: 254 x 648 x 251 mm. Weight: 18.6 kg.
Mesa Boogie

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